Carol Davis Age: How Old Is Carol Davis?

Carol Davis Age: How Old Is Carol Davis?

Carol Davis is an American businesswoman and widow to the longtime owner of the Las Vegas Raiders, Al Davis.

Carol Davis is the part-owner of the National Football League team Las Vegas Raiders. Owing to the death of Al Davis, Carol Davis inherited his late husband’s properties of which Las Vegas Raiders was included.

Carol Davis was born in New York and lived most of her life in New York. After completing high school, Carol Davis enrolled in New York University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing.

Carol Davis
Carol Davis
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After spending some time together as lovers, Carol Davis and Al Davis tied the knot at a Brooklyn Synagogue in 1954. They built a family house near the Atlantic beach and lived there.

The marriage between Carol and Al bared fruits and in 1955, they gave birth to Mark Davis. Mark Davis is a managing general principal of the Las Vegas Raiders in the National Football Association.

Carol Davis Age

How old is Carol Davis? Carol Davis was born in 1931, hence, she is 90 years of age.


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