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Cheating Couple Gets Stuck During $£x, Disgraced In Public

A cheating couple in South Africa recently learnt the hard way when they set out to have sex. In the course of the lovemaking session, they got stuck in each other and remained there for hours.

When they became helpless and ran out of options, they decided to raise an alarm and neighbours came to their aid.

They were finally rushed to a nearby hospital where a medical doctor offered a scientific explanation about the challenge. He struggled to separate the couple who were later referred to a traditional healer.

In Africa, husbands employ unconventional spiritual methods to secure the loyalty of their wives to them. This charm is known as Magun or thunderbolt.

If you are a cheating man or woman and you are married, you have to exercise caution to avoid being humiliated like this.

What do you feel about this? Do you think Magun is real? Share your views and experiences in the comment section below.

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