Church Priest Caught on CCTV Camera Chopping A Sister At The Parish House

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Church Priest Caught on CCTV Camera Chopping A Sister At The Parish House

There it is in black and white. If I remember well, I head an a Anglican leader on Amabishop saying, they don’t have scandals in the main line Churches. Who would have thought we will see it in evidence like this Atleast others are just being accused but very few were caught with evidence on camera.

According to Roman catholic church laws that guides fathers and sisters, they shouldn’t have sexual contact and should not be given into marriage. Though the priests and prophets in the bible were married, themselves have their own, but knowing the flesh being the flesh, they are now failing to keep their own law.

It’s in the parish for God’s sake and they are still in holy gowns. Why didn’t they change the place and the clothes.

A Roman Catholic head priest set up CCTV surveillance in his fellow junior priest’s office after 8 attempts of unsuccessfully trying all tricks to ‘trap’ the promiscuous priest in the Capetown parish.

According to the 3 minute video clip, which is in possession of iMzansi, (it is yet to be published after getting permission from responsible authorities).

see video below

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  1. Oh Lord even a fellow priest set him up,how can two so called anointed men of God set each other up,in fact God wrath is coming very soon I pray not to experience it as these two priest and sister needs absolute turn around

  2. I hear again for the spirit said I should say judgement is starting in the house of God ooooo he who has ears let him hear what the spirit says to the church

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