Mad woman caught in Egbeda with iPhone

A mad woman was caught this morning at about 10:35am very close to Ogabi Court in Egbeda area of Alimosho Lagos.

She was apprehended while trying to get cloths from a building close to the popular Okunola Bus-stop

While talking to some of the residence, most of them said they have been seeing her in the area moving around looking tattered while one Mrs. Adebimpe said she usually begs for money to eat.

During searching and interrogation, the woman was seen with an iPhone and other Beautiful Lace materials packed in a small bag.

There where suggestions that she might be working for some kidnappers or ritualist while other insisted she is handed over to the law enforcement Agents.

Please let’s try and watch out for people who come into our environment pretending to be mad or beggers…

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