See how girl wants to exchange her baby head for Money.

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This girl was found with the head of her baby while Narrating her reasons. She said Shewas told by some group of people to sacrifice her frst baby ,and she should keep the head for them in exchange she will be given trillions of Money.

She admits that she did this because she was suffering and she couldn’t have any support to raise the baby ” sometimes to buy food for herself and the baby is a problem, when her baby fall sick also she said always don’t have money to take her to the hospital rather she use herbs which is not good for babies, also admit that she dont have anybody that will support her financially or materially.

She was arrested when this crime was committed she pleaded that is was suferring, frustration and the devil that triggered her into doing it.

What does this girl deserve???

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Rukaya inuwa
Rukaya inuwa
January 17, 2020 6:54 am


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