Deborah’s Last Words Before She was killed Revealed By Class Mates

Deborah’s Last Words Before She Was Killed Revealed By Class Mates

Deborah&Rsquo;S Last Words Before She Was Killed Revealed By Class Mates

Level 200 student of Shehu Shagari College of Education, Sokoto, Deborah Samuel who was killed by her aggrieved Muslim class mate over a sentiment she shared in the class WhatsApp group.

She cautioned her colleagues to stop talking about religious issues in the WhatsApp group which they find blasphemy as they were talking about Prophet Mohammed. The beat her till she died and burnt his body to ashes.

One of her friend who is her course mate identified as Rakia told the media her friends last words before she was lynched to death. According to her, in the process of the lynching Deborah asked them what they hope to achieve with this.

This were the last words of Deborah

“ What do you hope to achieve with this?

It’s really disheartening to realize how people still follow religion in this era to the extent of killing their fellow human being. This is mental slavery and it’s time we Africans realize this and live as one People.

This Happened in Nigeria.


  1. Oh God may your name be exulted , for your patience your rise human being(Deborah) same human that can not even change their hair to any color woke up a day and destroyed what You created years . Ohhhhhhhhhh God pls Intervene. Killers repent

  2. Stops violence
    And religious violence
    Make your religion batter
    And make my religion better
    All we are in one nation one people
    An then one power

    Hmmmm my fellow Nigerian’s 🇳🇬 am a christian, residing at the south part of the country, this has come beyond what the people should be keeping quiet, the minister of religious 📿 📿 affairs should have something said in order to have this stopped, well no one could revenge her death God our lord shall judge the killers, but let us keep religious aspect let’s be as one, this is a serious case even if you are not a christian, think if this could happen to either you or your fellow religious citizen, let the all way round poor governance of our country stand up to stop this now that it’s not out of control.
    let Nigeria stand together.

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