Dino Melaye & 14 Others That Could Have Ended Up Poor Without Politics


Politics in Nigeria, sadly, is a top money-making sector with little or no work.

So, while you might be wondering what to do to get yourself and generations to come out of penury in this country, look no further, I present to you the good news, POLITICS!!

Here are a few persons who could have ended wretched and insignificant but for the coffer of politics. Their lives are a testament to this truth.

1. Ahmed Tinubu: Gaining political power in Nigeria is like gaining the whole world and trust me, there’s no losing your soul here. Tinubu, who is a former governor of Lagos state, has been in the political scene since 1992. Though a middle-class individual before venturing into politics, Tinubu has an estimated net worth of $8.4 billion (₦3 trillion, 46 billion), making him the richest politician in Nigeria. He reportedly owns and has major stakes in Tejuoso Market, First Nation Airline, The Nations Newspapers, TVC Television and Radio, Trojan Estate, Lekki Concession Company, Oando Oil, Renaissance Hotel, Ikeja Shopping Mall, Lakowe, and the list goes on. He also owns a multi-million house at Bourdillion, Ikoyi.

2. Olusegun Obasanjo: Just a mere soldier who may not have amounted to much in terms of wealth considering the undeserving treatment meted out to the Nigerian army, ex-president Obasanjo has a net worth pegged at $1.8 billion. He has been in politics for many decades. He served as Federal Commissioner for Works and Housing in 1974-1975, Minister of Petroleum while he was the sitting president.

3. Rotimi Amaechi: Amaechi revealed that unemployment pushed him into politics. His father was also a politician and that earned them a comfortable life as his parents wanted him to study law. The net worth of the current Minister of Transportation is pegged at $780 million (₦282 billion, 843 million). His fleet of cars includes Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6, a Mercedes Amg G63, Mercedes S550, a Land Rover Discovery, a Lexus LX 570 among others. He reportedly owns a private jet.

4. Bukola Saraki: Bukola Saraki’s family is more of a political deity in Kwara state. He was a governor of Kwara state who took over the control of the state from his late father, Olusola Saraki that was a Senator. He later became the representative of the state at the Senate in 2011 after his sister, Gbemisola, his predecessor. Obviously, the Sarakis have been sucking Nigeria since time immemorial. Bukola was Senate President till 2019. As a medical doctor, it was rather evident, he wouldn’t have gone far considering he practised for just a year between 1988-1989. He diverted into banking and was one time,  Special Assistant on Budget by Obasanjo. In 2020, he was listed as one of the richest senators in Nigeria whose net worth is $12 million USD (2018). Presently, his net worth os $200 million (72 billion).

5. Dino Melaye: Melaye was a Senator of Kogi West. With no definite career path, his source of wealth is very unclear but according to speculations, Melaye has always been a politician boy loyal to some godfathers who get him the kickbacks. He is worth over $800 million and owns a luxury garage of cars including Bugatti Veyron (₦616 million), 3 Roll-Royces (₦318 million combined), a Lamborghini Huracan (₦86.7 million), a Bentley Continental (₦71 million).

6. Lai Mohammed: Mohammed was appointed by Buhari in 2015 as Minister of Information and has since, maintained the position. Before any political appointment, Mohammed was almost close to insignificant owing to the fact that he, like every other struggling Nigerian looking for greener pastures, left his line of expertise (Law) to work in other fields. He has featured in the political scene for almost a decade now. He contested Kwara governorship in 2002. He was the Chief of Staff to Tinubu during his first term as Lagos state governor. He was the National Publicity Secretary of All Progressive Congress until his appointment in 2015.

7.  Aminu Tambuwal: Despite achieving several academic feats, Tambuwal could have ended wretchedly since educational qualifications have been rubbished in Nigeria. Starting his political career in 1999 as Personal Assistant on Legislative Affairs to Senator Abdullahi Wali, Tambuwal was in the House of representatives from 2003 up until 2015 when he became governor of Sokoto state. He has a net worth of over $25 million

8. David Mark: Without any life outside of politics, Mark is one of the most worshipped political figures for the Benue people and richest in the region occupied by over 50% paupers. He could have ended up the normal way of going through secondary education, learn a trade and start a family considering, he has no spectacular educational achievement.  He has been in politics since 1976 and was in Senate for 19 years.

9. Rochas Okorocha: Okorocha has been in the private sector glorified as a philanthropist without having a defined source of income until he got into politics in 1999. He served as governor of Imo state and struggled to get a third term through his son-in-law. He is currently a member of the Senate representing Imo state.

10. Adams Oshiomhole: Oshiomhole allegedly had only primary education—that is bad, really bad, knowing that even a PhD holder in Nigeria is so likely to die wretched earning the minimum wage. But Oshiomhole going on from being a factory worker and union leader to becoming the Governor of Edo state and chairman of the All Progressives Congress has beaten the odds. His wiseness got him a young, pretty, trophy wife and a gigantic house in his hometown.

11. Abdullahi Ganduje: Ganduje was a mere graduate of the Teachers’ Training Programme in 1972, who, without a bearing went to further his education in Public administration— a certificate that later helped him sneak into politics. He started the journey to liberating his generations to come from poverty when he worked as Kano State Assistant Secretary in 1979.

12. Femi Fani-Kayode: Thank God for parents that see the future ahead of us. Fani-Kayode is one of those who got lucky with parents that were politicians. He schooled abroad all his years but we still wonder what could have become of him if he didn’t have all of these luxuries considering how he has turned out to be in recent times. A lawyer turn politician, essayist, poet and many more, Fani-Kayode started politics as far back as 1989 as the national youth leader of Nigerian National Congress.

13. Orji Kalu: Having an alleged ‘con’ as a mother who got kickbacks from political profits and voodoo as widely speculated, Kalu was opportune to living in luxury at an early age. At the age of 22, he became the youngest Nigerian to receive the National Merit Award from President Ibrahim Babangida. Despite his successful businesses, Kalu has been dragged by the EFCC for more than one corruption issues during his time as governor of Abia state.

14. Yahaya Bello: Bello had no defined source of income before becoming governor of Kogi state. But now, fortune has smiled on him.

15. Rabiu Kwankwaso: Being among the most educated politicians, Kwanlwaso has earned himself more wealth ranking one of the richest.


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