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Divorce court orders man to pay wife N2.9 million for the housework she did during their marriage

A Chinese divorce court has ordered a man to compensate his wife with 50,000 yuan (N2.9 million Naira) for five years of unpaid labour/housework she did during their marriage.

This is strange and would naturally not be comfortable with many men in this part of the world.

There is no doubt that divorce is a really terrible thing to go through, especially after 5 years of marriage, but that sort of compensation is really funny and at the same time surprising.

While this order has sparked a huge online debate, especially as feminists insists that the money is too small, compared to the number of years she had to do domestic chores, it is to be noted that the court ruling comes after China’s introduction of a new civil code.

Under that new law, a spouse is entitled to seek compensation in a divorce if he or she bears more responsibility in child raising, caring for elderly relatives, and assisting partners in their work.

According to court records, the man identified by his surname Chen had filed for divorce last year from his wife, surnamed Wang, after getting married in 2015.

She didn’t want to divorce at first, but later requested financial compensation, arguing that Chen had not shouldered any housework or childcare responsibilities for their son.

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