Do you believe she was a man? Meet Nikita Dragun who transformed himself to a complete woman

Gone are those days when we can clearly notify or can confidently point on a stranger as the female Gender. These days, most of the strangers we see every day as female are men because they portray surgeries.

You were actually bemused and puzzled following the above caption and image? cheer up, there is no time four such. She looks so beautiful, right? Of course, she is but you should know he was naturally born a man.

Most of the world citizens has suddenly swerved their beliefs of genders following the beauty of Nikita Daniels who was once a man. The young man will ever remain the talk of the town following his adventure.

Nikita Dragun was born in Belgium and attended his high school in Virginia. She is of Vietnamese and Mexican descent who grew up mostly in Mexico. Following his crave to emerge as a woman in gender, he acquired boobs implant, liposuction and face surgery which earned him his desire.

Don’t panic, he was a man but currently, she is referred to as a woman which infuses her bliss all day. What’s your view on this?

Watch video below;

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