Don’t ever compare Wizkid to Fela – Comedian Woli Arole issues strong warning

Nigerian comedian, Woli Arole has said that people should stop comparing Wizkid with Fela, adding that Fela was on a whole different level.

The comparison which is a regular topic on social media began again after Wizkid recent achievements.

He wrote:

“Please nobody should compare Wizkid and Fela around me oooooooo. When I went to study “Filmmaking in London”, my lecturer asked me “Where are you from?” I replied “Nigeria”. He replied “Do you know Fela?” Mo foh. Fela is being studied in universities abroad.”


  1. Fela and Wizkid should not be compare for any reason,Fela is the king and wizkid is just starting please don’t disrespect fela abeg.

  2. Wow, that is so nice, that Fela is recognized till date even abroad, but to be honest why would one even compare Wizzy to Fela? Abeg the difference is clear oo, Fela is number 1

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