“Don’t go broke trying to look rich” – Okon Lagos advises Nigerians

“Don’t Go Broke Trying To Look Rich” – Okon Lagos Advises Nigerians

“Don’t Go Broke Trying To Look Rich” – Okon Lagos Advises NigeriansPopular Nigerian actor and comedian, Ime Bishop Umoh, popularly known as Okon Lagos has advised Nigerians against impressing people who don’t really care.

Taking to his Instagram page, looking expensive just to beat the impression of people is not the heart of a fighter but a loser. Adding those you are trying to impress end up not caring about the lifestyle you exhibit.

In his opinion, it is better to go broke trying to be rich than to look rich since it is part of a sacrifice that would help in bracing up for a better situation.

According to him, those that became broke while trying to be rich will learn to pick themselves back up, make smarter decisions and adjustments against their previous backdrop.

He wrote:

You go broke trying look rich to impress who? You think people REALLY care? If only you know tho… #okonlagos #okonrepublic #iyammi #chisos #wosappen #okonoflagosz

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