Dr. Anu Called Out Again For Reportedly ‘spoiling’ Another Lady’s Yansh Who Came To Nigeria From US (photos)


Dr. Anu called out again for reportedly ‘spoiling’ another lady’s yansh who came to Nigeria from US (photos)

A Lady who reportedly came back from New York to Nigeria has cried out after Dr. Anu reportedly infected her with fat necrosis.

According to her, she came into the country, and hasn’t heard any thing about Dr. Anu.

She reportedly went to her for surgery and got infected after.

Sharing her story with blogger, Gistlovers, she wrote: “Dr. Anu has done it again o. She has been in Abuja doing surgery and giving them infection. Dr. Anu gave me infection. Fat necrosis. I’m dying in Abuja. I live abroad, I live in New York. I didn’t know about Anu until I came down to Nigeria.”

“I haven’t been in Nigeria for 10 years. It was after the surgery I started hearing things about her.”

Reacting to the news, a Twitter user, Dr Olufunmilayo tweeted: “Dr Anu is trending again. This is another day to remind you all that a badly-done surgery can cause serious bleeding, severe infection, terrible scars and permanently disfigured buttocks. Sometimes, if that infection is serious enough, YOU CAN DIE.”

@maxshayvia tweeted: “Well I don’t feel sorry for victims of Dr Anu. Her info is literally all over social media but in the spirit of “It’s not my portion” they go with “faith”, falling for the same trap while expecting a different result. You literally chose to blow up your anus yourself.”

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