Drama As Girlfriends Team Up To Beat Married Boyfriend For Deceiving Them [video]


Drama as girlfriends team up to beat married boyfriend for deceiving them [video]


In movie style, two ladies teamed up and beat their married boyfriend after discovering that he was double-crossing them.

In recent times, the phenomenon of one person dating more than one partner seems to have come in vogue.

While we often chastise women when we hear the stories of ladies dating many men at the same time, rarely do we hear the same criticisms when a man does same.

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girlfriends team up to beat married boyfriend

But a man who decided to live a promiscuous life has got more than verbal criticisms as he has been physically assaulted.

The dramatic incident reportedly happened at the BCC-run Barrow Swimming Pool parking area.

According to B-Metro a woman who only identified herself as Sino was allegedly alerted by her friend that her boyfriend Antony Mdhlongwa was at BCC with one of his string of girlfriends only identified as W.

Following up on her friend’s tip-off, Sino went to BCC and found Antony sitting with his other girlfriend Patricia and her child in the car.

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Infuriated, Sino reportedly started pummelling Antony with open hands on the face while accusing him of cheating on her.

As if a beating from Sino wasn’t enough, Patricia allegedly joined in. They took turns to thoroughly beat their two-timing lover with open hands.

In an effort to evade the camera and full glare of passersby who were watching as the full drama unfolded, a disgraced Antony removed his shirt and covered his face as the two angry ladies continued raining blows on him.

Watch the video below :

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