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Drama ensues as bunch of Slay queens exchange blows and kicks in the street [Watch]

In what can be termed a show of shame, a bunch of slay queens have been caught on camera gunning for each others neck in the street.

Not everybody has a good understanding of how to control themselves in the public, this has been proven by these slay queens who threw caution to the air, and allowed their anger get the better part of them.

In a video that is making rounds on social media, the unidentified women were seen in a heated exchange in the streets as they latched onto each other’s cloths while they were being recorded by onlookers.

A social media user identified as Nuduru shared the video on his timeline with a caption in which he further revealed the ladies as flesh peddlers .

From their exchange, it could be gathered that they were fighting as a result of who arrived at the check point first.

While the angry women were involved in the brawl, some people around pleaded with them to stop fighting all oto no avail.

Watch the video below :

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