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Drama ensues as j¡lted wife confronts husband s¡de-ch¡ck and engages her in a d¡rty f¡ght [video]

Massive drama ensues as jilted wife confronts husband side-chick and engages her in a dirty fight in a market place.

In what can be termed a show of shame, two women have been captured gunning for each others neck, following a case of one woman snatching the other’s husband.

Cases of this nature have been on the rise globally and we have seen many lose their lives in such love triangle dramas.

It however, seem that such irrational behaviors may never come to an end any time soon.

Videos of women fighting over their men keep making rounds on social media, and people keep savoring them. But the question remains, why would ladies fight over men?

Why should they lose their pride over a single man, when there are several men around who will beg to have them?

Well, check out video below :

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