Ed McCaskey Cause Of Death: How Did Virginia Halas McCaskey’s Husband Die?

Ed Mccaskey Cause Of Death: How Did Virginia Halas Mccaskey’s Husband Die?

Ed McCaskey, known originally as Edward W. McCaskey, was a military man and the chairman of the American Football team Chicago Bears.  Ed was the husband of the principal owner of the Chicago Bears, Virginia Halas McCaskey.

Ed McCaskey ventured into the military after he graduated from his studies at the University of Pennsylvania. Ed served in the 80th Division of the United States Army for two-and-a-half years which included the second world war.

During the second world war, Ed McCaskey was injured and after the war, he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal and a combat infantry badge.

Virginia, Wife Of Ed Mccaskey
Virginia, wife of Ed McCaskey
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Ed McCaskey Cause Of Death

How Did Virginia Halas McCaskey’s Husband Die? Virginia Halas McCaskey’s husband, Ed McCaskey, died on April 8, 2003, after he had a declining health condition. According to reports, Ed McCaskey died in his home in Des Plaines, Illinois.


How many children did Virginia and Ed McCaskey have?

Virginia and Ed McCaskey had 11 children.

Is Virginia McCaskey George Halas daughter?

Virginia McCaskey is the daughter of George Halas.


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