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Grand avant creve lilas il du se monde. Voie oui ton murs pere.


HiTNG Member Alex Ajayi “Nigerians need to pray”


Everything about Nigeria comes with so much pessimism.

” Degrees No Longer An Assurance for Jobs ”
Why should this statement come out of the president of Nigeria , does it mean he had lost hope as the first representative of Federal republic of Nigeria ?

President Muhammad Buhari stated at Nnamdi azikwe university that ” The Federal government will remain undaunted to tackle the rate of unemployment and underemployment through a matrix of initiatives “. For how long will he’s administration tackle unemployment and underemployment, May be for decade. If such a ridiculous statement could come out of the president of Nigeria, it means Nigeria is not even closer to getting better.

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The people in power don’t have our time , they prefer to just look and pretend they don’t see some the article or feel the grief by Nigerians. Everyone are looking for means to survive.

We are different I may be able to withstand hunger , somebody else may not have the strength. Tell me why won’t there be kidnapping ,killings here and there ? No rays of hope and the probability of things getting better is so slim.

I talked with my colleagues yesterday and one of them changed my mood by saying ex Governor , Bola ahmed adekunle tinubu could run for the next presidential election. Hopeless, total hopeless.

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May Almighty God forgive me I have sinned a lot against him. I was part of those who never liked the regime Good luck Jonathan. During he’s time I remember you could get a Derica of rice , fish , pepper and even meat with just #500. Not anymore.


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