Elderly Man Cries Out After His 2 Years Savings Was Fraudulently Taken From His Account By Scammers (Video)


Elderly man cries out after his 2 years savings was fraudulently taken from his account by scammers (Video)

Twitter user shares a video of an elderly man who was fraudulently stripped off his 2 years savings by scammers from his bank account.

The social media user who shared it, @Damiar0s, took it upon himself to solicit on behalf of the old man who was duped of his 2 years pension savings as he called on kindhearted Nigerians to display a kind gesture by helping him with any amount.

Narrating what happened, the netizen wrote:

“I’m at the bank rn and an elderly man is legit crying. Scammers wiped all the money in his account. Pension money he has been saving for 2 years

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