Nigeria @ 59: Its not too late for us to be great - Miss Nigeria, Leilani Aaron
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Nigeria @ 59: Its not too late for us to be great – Miss Nigeria, Leilani Aaron

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Chidinma Leilani Aaron, the 42nd Miss Nigeria has said its not to late for ‘us’ to be great as the country celebrates its 59th Independence anniversary today, October 1st 2019.

According to her, ‘ Dear Nigerians, I wish to use this medium to wish every one of us a happy Independence Day. Indeed, it is a new dawn; a new month. Let us move forward into this new year with a renewed sense of commitment and involvement in nation building’.

‘We the Nigerian youths, especially, need to be more deliberate and strategic in involving ourselves in organized efforts aimed at improving the state of our nation.

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Nigeria needs to see and feel our positive impact in area such as politics, commerce, technology and more. Not just as consumers but, essentially, as headliners; change makers proffering solutions and actively working towards improving the state of the country as we see it now.

We need to reduce the crowd clamoring around entertainment; parading with certificates in file jackets along our streets; staring into the computers, telling long tales to unsuspecting foreigners; heading to social media to click the day away and let’s not forget the dreaded group that waits four years to aid in the disruption of election.

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This season should see the end of the “lazy Nigerian youth”. Nigeria and her youth, look! Many of us (youths) are walking the talk already. You can find us in the construction sector, Sujimoto; the fashion sector, Ode luxury – Research! Education, oil and gas, technology, skincare, L’avyanna. Go see for yourself. It’s time to pick up relevant books and study. “The Richest Man in Babylon”; that should interest you. “The Secret”, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. I can’t overemphasize the need to develop a healthy reading culture.

The pursuit of personal development should make the top spot on our list of needs. It is not to late for us to know ourselves.To do this, we need to be closer to our God as individuals for then we will see the light. We need to be more spiritual than religious. For then we will walk in love and be friendly and more tolerant towards our neighbor(s) and for some of us, even towards our “family”. We ideally do not need to tolerate each other, we should love each other.

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We need to decide today to seek deliberate change. First, for ourselves and then maybe next year, for our country. No greet thing just starts out great. They start small first. There is a natural process. The tree has to start from the seed. You are the seed; we are the seed. Sustainable change starts with you and I.
Will you join me? We are the giant of Africa. This is true. Many of us just can not see it. We need light ( theoretically and literally. Lol); we need all the light we can get. We need your unique gifts to come to light. No. Not the one you are only doing for the money.
Nigeria needs you to believe in yourself. Do you still know who you are? You are the giant of Africa. You’re a Nigerian. Believe it. It’s true. Nigeria needs you to know this. Meditate on this. I’ll drop my “golden pen” here, else this will turn into a book.

Photos: President Buhari, Osinbajo, others at the 59th Independence day celebration

Happy Independence Day Nigerians, the Giants of Africa.


Missing her


But we suppose to move toward than this

I mean we suppose to move forward than this

But I believe Nigeria will get there one day

Very soon by God grace

sure, we will get there surely

Type we are doing our independent dey today by the grace of God Nigeria well start moving forward

Happy independent day

Happy independence

I hope we get there soon

Amen, so be it.

Nigeria at 59

Nigeria at 59 happy independent day to all Nigerian

Let’s go there Nigeria at 59

Greatness is a sure thing for our beloved Nigeria. But we need to change the way we approach issues. Thanks

Nigeria can still be great….

Thanks for your update.

I believe too

Yes. It’s never to late for us as a nation.

We’ll be great one day.

True talk

That’s what people say each time Nigeria celebrates independence, it’s never too late.

Fact.It not late

Type here..yea,naija can still be great


Increase the volume.

so true

Omo Nigeria is going no where, we are just going in cycle.
Many youth don’t even know our history…
So where is the magician to elevate us.

Naija for lyf


happy independence

@59 years, it’s too late,
As long as old people without brains are still in seat…
It’s just the truth…


Abi ooo

She is right


Let’s make 9ijar better




Nigéria is becoming great

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We cool


that is true