Throwback photos of popular Nigerian comedian Cute Abiola that would crack you up

Well many Nigerian Celebrities today,enjoy the privileges associated with being a celebrated person in the society.However,before the fame they were once regular people.Sorry to burst your bubble,most of our perfect looking favourite Celebrities weren’t as glittering as they are now before they gained fame.

Most of our Nigerian Celebrities often try to keep whatever is left of their private life to themselves while some Celebrities occasionally take their fans down memory lane to a time when they were nothing more than a regular kids with life not figured out yet.In this article you will be able to see throwback Photos of Nigerian comedian Cute Abiola.

Cute Abiola whose real name is Abdulgafar Ahmad Oluwatoyin is a popular Nigerian Instagram comedian.He started his comedy on stage while in secondary school.His first stage performance was in 2009/2010.Social media played a major role in showcasing his talent,he opened his Instagram page in 2015 where he started recording 15 seconds video.He revealed he started making money on his page at the end of 2017.

Below are the throwback Photos of Cute Abiola:

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