Enugu #EndSARS Judicial Panel asked us to type our complaints in 12 Hard copies of A4 paper – Victim cries out (photos)


A Nigerian Lady Identified as Bibiam Urum on Twitter has called out The Enugu state #EndSARS Judicial Panel for allegedly asking them to type their complaints in 12 A4 papers before they can proceed Hearing.


Please, I need your help. 

“Enugu state has constituted its Judicial Panel of Inquiry in response to the #EndSARS movement, but there’s a problem. Victims of the #SARS epidemic are being asked to submit 12 hard copies of their complaint (memorandum) typed on A4 sized paper with double line spacing. This is in addition to sending a soft copy to their email address. That means, if you have a 20 page complaint, you’ll be submitting 240 pages to the Panel.|

“We all know that most victims of #SARS cannot afford this and will most likely back away from seeking redress. If the Enugu state government cannot fund the Panel to make as many copies of the complaint as they’d need, then it’s a crying shame.”

“The Panel has provided the following numbers for interested members of the public to call or send text messages to their Secretariat:



08037722569 and


“Please, help me call or text them and insist on soft copies of complaint only. Or maybe, one soft copy and one hard copy. The cost of getting justice at this point should not be shifted to the victims.”

“If you cannot call or text, please, help me retweet. Thank you.”

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