‘Escape From Tarkov’ adds daily operational tasks for players to complete

'Escape From Tarkov' Adds Daily Operational Tasks For Players To Complete

‘Escape From Tarkov’ adds daily operational tasks for players to complete

The latest Escape From Tarkov update has added operational tasks, which gives players daily missions to complete in return for random rewards.

Added during a lengthy maintenance period earlier today (October 22), operational tasks are a series of daily missions that players will receive from traders once they hit level 5.

As detailed by Battlestate Games, these operational tasks must be completed “during a limited timeframe”. They will reward players with “experience, money, and various items” that are different for each person.

Right now, these tasks can ask players to kill Scavs or other PMCs, retrieve specific items, or merely survive in certain areas. In the future, Battlestate Games has said, “the range of objectives and additional conditions is going to be expanded significantly”.

If a player fails one of these objective tasks, another one will eventually replace it shortly after the timer runs out. Even if players complete their operational tasks quickly, they will need to wait for the timer to run out before receiving another.

Over on the Escape From Tarkov Reddit, players have taken to recording which daily quests they have received so far. While some are pretty straightforward – extracting from raid locations or finding specific items – some are much more complicated. Several players have reported being asked by Jaeger – a trader notorious for his complex tasks – to kill players with a shot to the legs from a distance of over 20 to 50 meters.

Battlestate Games has also identified that the operational task system will “be further developed to increase detail, ease of selection, cooperation, and taking into account player’s progress”.

In other news, Doom Eternal will add a Horde mode and revamp Battlemode with next week’s update 6.66. Battlemode 2.0 will allow one Doom Slayer to face off against two player-controlled demons throughout several rounds.

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