‘Escape From Tarkov’ is down as devs add “Operational Tasks”

'Escape From Tarkov' Is Down As Devs Add &Quot;Operational Tasks&Quot;

‘Escape From Tarkov’ is down as devs add “Operational Tasks”

Escape From Tarkov is down for roughly three hours, as Battlestate Games adds a new feature called “Operational Tasks” to the game.

Escape From Tarkov servers are down today (October 22), as Battlestate Games tweeted that the game would be unavailable starting “in the next few minutes”.

Tarkov will be offline for “approximately 3 hours”, though the downtime “can be extended if necessary”.

The game went down around 4PM BST, meaning that – if everything goes well – Escape From Tarkov should be back online at around 7PM BST.

The short-notice maintenance period will allow Battlestate Games to add “a new mechanic to the game”, which it states will be called “Operational Tasks”.

Many speculate that these Operational Tasks will be daily quests, including quests that change every 24 hours and offer a variety of rewards.

In September, Battlestate Games COO Nikita Buyanov said that daily quests would be added to the game this year if everything went well. The team also shared a first look at the upcoming map Lighthouse, which is set to arrive with patch 12.12.


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Battlestate Games also posted a TikTok with the caption “something is coming to Tarkov…”, which seems to show a glimpse of life in the shoes of a Scav.

Yesterday (October 21), an Escape From Tarkov patch implemented a variety of bug fixes, including several issues involving the inventory interface. The patch also included fixes for a couple of performance problems in the game.

In other news, developers on Halo Infinite have promised no “complex DRM” will be involved with the game on PC.

Doubling down on comments made earlier in development, principal software engineer Michael VanKuipers said the team doesn’t want “anything that’s going to inhibit a player’s ability to play the way they want to play”.

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