EURO 2020 Fan Violence: Rio Ferdinand's Wife, Kate Reveals She Was Nearly Trampled By A Mob Who Stormed Into England Game


EURO 2020 fan violence: Rio Ferdinand’s wife, Kate reveals she was nearly trampled by a mob who stormed into England game

EURO 2020 fan violence: Rio Ferdinand

Kate Ferdinand, the wife to Manchester United football legend, Rio Ferdinand, has revealed she was nearly trampled on by a mob who stormed into the England game.

Dramatic scenes unfolded on Sunday, July 11 as over-excited football fans rushed the barriers at Wembley stadium just hours before the big EURO 2020 final game against Italy.

EURO 2020 fan violence: Rio Ferdinand


English supporters pushed past barricades as cops desperately tried to stop the wave of supporters.


Kate, says she was at the game with her stepchildren, dad and husband Rio Ferdinand – who was commentating on the game.


EURO 2020 fan violence: Rio Ferdinand

She revealed how fans got overexcited and try to storm the gates.

Taking to Instagram she wrote: “Although we had fun, we narrowly missed 100s of people storming the gates and bashing down trying to get through the turnstiles, trampling people in their way.”

EURO 2020 fan violence: Rio Ferdinand

EURO 2020 fan violence: Rio Ferdinand

At the time of the incident, a statement said: “There was a breach of security and a small group of people got into the stadium.

“We are now working closely with stadium stewards and security to remove these people.

“Anyone inside the stadium without a ticket will be instantly ejected.”

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