Everybody is damaged mentally – Davido’s hypeman, Special Spesh says

Everybody Is Damaged Mentally - Davido'S Hypeman, Special Spesh Says

Everybody Is Damaged Mentally - Davido

Davido’s hypeman,  Special Spesh,  has said everyone is damaged mentally.


He pointed out that the only difference is the degree to which people are damaged.


He wrote on Instagram: Everybody is damaged!!! Mentally… everybody, trust me.”


He added: “Some worse than others but…”


Everybody Is Damaged Mentally - Davido

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  1. Some worse than other. Exactly.
    But obviously mental health shouldn’t even be mentioned in Nigeria because we’re supposed to be “tough”. But really our brains are tightening with the pressure and anxiety everyday until one day we explode.
    Committing suicide for little things that could’ve been talked out but most parents believe it isn’t possible for a child to feel some type of way if it isn’t of content or fear of them. Astghafirlah May Allah make it easy for us

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