Ex-Friend Of Kevin Hart Cleared In “Extortion” Case Says Comedian Concocted Lie To Pivot Dirty Doggin’ Attention


In 2017, when Kevin Hart’s Hollyweird image almost crumbled into ashes after he was caught not only cheating on his pregnant wife, at the time but, on her birthday while in Las Vegas.

To add more fuel to the embers, a video of the act in question even began circulating around the internet. Headlines began to take a strange turn. Kevin alleged a few days after the scandal broke that he was being extorted by a close friend who “leaked” the footage after the unidentified friend at the time asked for money via text to keep his secret. Allegedly.

The extortion case was dropped against Kevin’s friend of 15 years back in 2019.

Fast forward to this year. Now Kevin’s former friend and his lawyer are speaking publicly about Hart, alleging he flat out made up the story to diffuse the consequences of his behavior. In an interview with Comedy Hype, JT Jackson and his attorney Jacob Glucksman break down why they think he was framed.

“This started out as a man who cheated on his pregnant wife on her birthday weekend in Vegas. That’s how this story was run for a long time and Kevin’s team was successful in shifting that narrative to Kevin being the victim of something that happened in Las Vegas.”

He later added,

“What Kevin Hart did in Las Vegas, that was a bad move on his part. That was a mistake on his part. But, what happened was, was that Kevin got together a team of very powerful and well-known attorneys, together with his agents, managers, what have you, and they basically concocted a story to make Kevin look like the victim in the case.”

According to reports, Jackson allegedly sent Hart a text that stated if he didn’t receive millions in compensation from the star, that he would release his sex tape. Jackson was charged with two felonies over the matter. JT shares alleged evidence on his IG page that shows Kevin’s DA investigator saying she “misspoke” about the issue in question, claiming that Kevin never received a text from Mr. Jackson.

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JT JACKSON’s Tuesday Rant! Look at how reckless these lying ass cops can be.🤷🏾‍♂️ This shit makes me mad as hell. In this DA Investigators delusional ass mind. She really thought I was going to cave in to some bullshit I had zero parts of.🤔 She horribly miscalculated me by thinking I was just some other black guy who couldn’t afford a grade A lawyer who would call them out on their bullshit.😏 Here we have DA Investigator/Nick Nolte in the FACE ass Robin Letourneau testifying under oath at my preliminary hearing on November 12, 2019 which on record saying it was a misstatement of her mentioning Kevin Hart received a personal message to his phone. Yellow Highlight: My Dope Ass Lawyer Blue Highlight: DA Investigator Shit Bag This is just one of THOUSANDS of lies she’s fed to the court and within the Statement Of Probable Cause when they kicked in our door with guns drawn on my wife and I. They know they fucked up, which is why people hadn’t heard anything else about this case. BUT STAND BY THO!.😉 #imnotEVERlettingthisshitgo #crookedasscops #gradeAsuckas #fuckALLyoupussieswhothoughtididthesuckashit #thatwasalongasshashtag #butsowhat #thattruthiscomingout #standbackandstandby😉

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In early October, JT announced that he would be bringing the “hard evidence” about his alleged extort plot against Kevin to light. In a lengthy caption, he explained:

“Today I’m sharing hard evidence that I, JT Jackson was NEVER involved in any plot to extort Kevin Hart for $5 million dollars on Instagram or any other method for that matter. I was never involved in any of this bullsh*t..”

Jackson maintains his innocence in the matter. What do YOU think of all of this?

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