‘Faith in God is important, so is common Sense’- Lady loses baby over calling pastor before surgery

Africans are known to be very religious people. As everything is ascribed to God. It is a good thing no doubt, but many are becoming fanatics and thus not giving to Caesar what belongs to him, and to God what belongs to God. Many also have forgotten the saying that Faith ( which in this case is prayer) without God deeds is an epic fail.

Note that even your pastor or priest takes medication whenever the need arises, because the knowledge those in the medical field has was not taught by the devil as it is for good. The medical personnel you see works to save your body which contains the soul that Christ went to Calvary for.

Here, a pregnant woman with complications instead of trusting God as everyone has access to him, and going into the theatre while her husband calls for intercessory prayers, refused doing that on the premises that her Pastor must pray for her before she goes in.

Despite warnings and advises by the medical team on ground, she still remained adamant and wasted precious time that cost her baby’s live. According to the doctor, she now weeps in a moment that could have been merritous. Hence the reason why the Doctor gave the advise that ‘Faith is important, but having common sense is importanter’.

So for those of us who think your Pastor’s prayer is more efficient than yours, look into your life and try to fix why you think so. Because you also have the same guide to accessing God just like your Pastor or Priest. Below are the screenshots of the test and that of people’s reaction. Please follow, comment, like and share for more content. Thank you.

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