Farewell To Juventus? Cristiano Ronaldo Takes His Entire Fleet Of Luxury Cars Out Of Turin


Farewell to Juventus? Cristiano Ronaldo takes his entire fleet of luxury cars out of Turin

http://videos.marca.com/v/0_qv58s8g1. Rumours have continued to swirl that Cristiano Ronaldo will depart Juventus this summer, and images of his entire fleet of luxury cars being taken out of Turin has done little to detract from those reports.

The likes of Real Madrid, Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain and Sporting CP have all been touted as potential destinations for the 36-year-old, but nothing has advanced past paper talk at present.

The website Per Sempre Calcio have released a video in which the operators of a transport company are seen putting some of Cristiano Ronaldo’s luxury cars in Italy on a truck.

According to the Italian website, the Lisbon-based company Rodo Cargo put seven vehicles on the truck and transported them out of Turin to an as yet unknown location.

Can we say this is Potentially a sign that he is leaving the club?, make your opinions known in the comment section below.

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