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Fayemi wants Senate scrapped to reduce government size.

Fayemi says there are several things the government can do away with and scrapping the senate is one of them.

Ekiti state governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi wants the Senate to be scrapped to reduce cost and size of government. [ripplesnigeria]
The governor said the House of Representatives is what the country needs because ‘that is what represents’.

While speaking at the 25th edition of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group conference, Fayemi said all Nigeria needs is a unicameral legislature.

According to TheCable, the governor said, “We do need to look at the size of government in Nigeria and I am an advocate of a unicameral legislature. What we really need is the house of representatives because that is what represents,

“You have three senators from little Ekiti and you have three senators from Lagos state. It’s a no-brainer that it’s unequal, I guess the principle is not proportionality but that if you are a state, you get it automatically but I think that we can do away with that. There are several things that we can do away within the government.

“The Oronsaye report that proposed mergers of several MDAs that are doing the same thing is something that the government should pay serious attention to and reduce the resources being expended on them.”

Nigeria’s National Assembly consists of 109 senate members and 360 House of Representative members. This has been argued to be responsible for the high cost of governance in Nigeria.

Okorocha wants number of lawmakers reduced
Recently, former Governor of Imo State, Senator Rochas Okorocha advocated that the number of lawmakers be reduced to save cost.

The Senator made the call while briefing newsmen after the Senate approved the Medium Term Expenditure FrameWork (MTEF) and Fiscal Strategy Paper (FSP).

He said that what three senators and several House of Representatives members could do for a state, four lawmakers could do it.

The senator said the nation’s annual revenue generation could not fund the budget for the year, because crude oil was the major source of income.

While advocating for ways to cut cost and ensure effective representation, Okorocha said he would sponsor a bill that would seek for the reduction of the number of senators and House of Representatives members for each state.


  1. In fact, not just scrapping senate but reducing drastically the financial benefits of politicians, they should start seeing things as part time earning not a means of enrichment.

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