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Tera dissolves monsters-in-law relationship

My mother-in-law is silly!”Biola, 29, wife, and mum thought to herself as she watched her mother-in-law treat her food like small chops; picking it apart with two fingers. Her face and mannerisms told more than her mouth could ever do; she wasn’t pleased with dinner on her second visit to the house.

Biola cleared the table in silence and went upstairs to finish her work. She had a big day at work the next day and didn’t want anyone throwing her off. She heard her husband, Dipo, drive-in. Dipo is the perfect husband: chilled, loving, and supporting. Dipo told his mum to stop eating his wife’s food if she knew it was tasteless. “I did not marry her to cook. I enjoy her food just the way it is. I love my wife just the way she is!”

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The next day, Biola and her team set out for their meeting. She was not in her elements and Omokhose, her colleague and friend noticed. She asked what was wrong and Biola spilled. Omokhose then promised to tell her how to wow her mother-in-law which made Biola feel better. The meeting went well and the deal was sealed. Her attention then shifted to her cooking, she wanted a win there too.

Biola went shopping with Omokhose. They bought ingredients for Afang soup, her mother-in-law’s favorite. Omokhose then stopped by a shop and asked for two packs of Terra seasoning cubes. “This my friend, is the missing piece that would change the story. Terra seasoning cubes locks the aroma in and gets the taste out during and after cooking to make your food richer and tastier. Terra suits the requirement of every Nigerian food type. Your other mother will testify!”

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Biola prepared Afang soup with Garri. She caught Dipo’s mum peeping into the kitchen and sniffing the aroma, twice. They locked eyes the third time and the mother-in-law ran to set the table. She breezed through the hot meal so quickly that her nose ran nonstop, but she didn’t care. Dipo asked her what the magic was, “Terra seasoning cubes” she answered. Omokhose was right; she testified.

Follow Terra seasoning cube on social media @TerraCubesNaija to learn more about the brand, and get to read testimonials from people who have tried the Chicken or Beef variants. Try Terra cube this weekend and tell us about your experience. We will be waiting!

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