Fiction: I Never Knew It Was A Joke Until I Undressed Myself

Fiction: I Never Knew It Was A Joke Until I Undressed Myself

My name is Joy Amaka am from Enugu state in Nsukka local government area, am 19 years old.

It was on Saturday afternoon after I have done some of my house chores because it’s weekend, when my mother just left to go to the market and buy some food stuffs, my friends came Juliet and Blessing, they are very good friend of mine, we love to do things together even at home and in school, so I welcomed them as usual.

Meanwhile Juliet loves Joking a lot so I never knew that when they were coming that they planned a joke for me, so we were just chatting and playing around our compound until we were tired, so we decided to rest for a while, so Juliet came up with the issue that that none of us can undress ourself completely and run to our kitchen and come back, that if it is the white people they can do it, so blessing told her that she can not do it, then I asked her if I do it what will be my benefit, what will she give me, so she brought out a wristwatch bought by her boyfriend for her and said that if I do it that I will become the owner of the wristwatch, then I agreed to do it because it have been my dream to buy a wristwatch and that will be my opportunity to have it.

So I started undressing myself, I was doing it fastly so that my mother will not catch me, so I Undressed Myself completely and as I was about to go, they started laughing at me saying that it is a joke, that they did it just to know if I can sacrifice my body for a material thing.

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