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Free Money 💵 !! These Nigerians Were Sent Money Mistakenly, See What they Did With It And What Happened To Them

In today’s world, money has become so important that virtually everything and everyone needs money. Gone are those days when our forefathers were able to do certain things without money. However, due to its important, many people tend to be carried away most times. Meanwhile, how will you feel or should I say, how would you react if someone mistakenly sends you a huge amount of money? As for me, I won’t just rush to say I will return it because I don’t know how it feels.

Well, today I will be showing some Nigerians who were sent money mistakenly, what they did with it and what Happened to them afterwards.

1. Sunny Anderson Osiebe:

In the case of Mr. Sunny, he was mistakenly sent the sum of N98 million by a Chinese company. According to Mr. Sunny, he had known the company for about 4 years and that they were even owing him for the work he did for them. He added that on receiving the alert, a rep of the company called him about the error. He then went to the bank to return the sum of N98,000 before he was called again that it was N98m and not N98k. He said:

“I followed them to the bank and it was there I confirmed that it was actually N98million. Because I am a man of integrity, I didn’t want to start arguing with them. So I when I confirmed, I decided that I was going to transfer the money back to them.”

On a final note, Osiebe disclosed that he had not received any sort of compensation from the company. He, however, noted that being compensated is not as important as doing the right thing.

2. Odejobi Temitope Michael:

The case of Mr Micheal is quite different as he did the opposite. In 2019, a man named Chikezie Chukuma reportedly sent the sum of N2 million to an auto dealer.

However, he was stunned to know that he had sent the money to the wrong account when he went to take the vehicle. Meanwhile, when Mr. Micheal refused to return it after the mistake was detected and he was informed, the police swiftly moved in to arrest him. The Nigerian man was charged for failing to return the money. Well, after everything in court, Justice Alukwu ordered the remand of the defendant in EFCC custody and adjourned the case until April 25, 2021.

3. Josephine Chukwujama-Eze:

Unlike Mr Micheal, Mrs Eze’s case is quite special and exemplary. The lady, who was a teacher in a school in enugu, reportedly received the sum of N13.94 million, which was mistakenly sent to her account by a Lagos based company. On receiving the alert in a saloon, Mrs. Eze showed it to her husband and together, they did something very Noble.

According to her: “I was just being my normal self. I never knew that what I was doing will get to this extent. I did what I feel I should do. I did this just to clear my conscience. Thank you, the Honourable Commissioner for Gender Affairs. Please extend my greatest thanks to His Excellency, our dear Governor”.

In appreciation for what she did, the Enugu State Governor, ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, rewarded Josephine Chukwujama-Eze, with N1million cash for returning N13.94 million mistakenly paid into her account.

4. Sola Ismail:

A Nigerian lady named Sola Ismail, was mistakenly sent the sum of N38 million by a Chinese company. From what I know, Sola Ismail had every reason to take the cash considering her dealings with the company. Read the post:

5. Adetunji Tunde Oluwasegun:

The case of Mr. Tunde is quite similar to that of Mr. Micheal. He reportedly used the N2million that was mistakenly credited to his account. Unable to repay, the EFCC arraigned Oluwasegun on one-count charge bordering on stealing before Justice Sikiru Oyinloye of the Kwara State High Court sitting in Ilorin.

After being taken to the court, he was found guilty of the offence and sentenced him to two years imprisonment with a fine of N200, 000 (Two Hundred Thousand Naira). In addition, the judge also ordered the convict to restitute his victim the sum of N2million before he finished serving his jail term.

From this list, it seems women are more honest than men. And what will you have done if a huge amount of money is sent to your account mistakenly?? Leave a comment so I can know what you think. Thanks.

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