Full Details Of How Kimberly Anne Scott And Eminem Divorced Twice


Full Details Of How Kimberly Anne Scott And Eminem Divorced Twice

Kimberly Anne Scott and Eminem were once married to each other until they got divorced twice.

Her fame was due to the fact that she was married to legendary rapper, Eminem during his early career moments.

Eminem was so much in love with her to an extent, where he sang songs about Kimberly Anne Scott.

Who Is Kimberly Anne Scott?

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Kimberly Anne Scott was born on January 9, 1975, in Warren, Michigan of the USA. She is a twin with her sister’s name, Dawn Scott. Unfortunately, her sister died in January 2016 as a result of a drug overdose.

Kimberly Anne and her sister, Dawn had to run away from home at a very young age because their stepfather was an alcoholic and very abusive towards them.

Who Is Eminem?

LONDON, ENGLAND – JULY 13: Eminem attends the rag & bone X Eminem London Pop-Up Opening on July 13, 2018 in London, England. (Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Rag & Bone)

Eminem is an American rapper, a songwriter, and a producer whose real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III. He was born on October 17, 1972, at St Joseph Missouri, the USA.

He is known as a very controversial artist but aside from that, he is among the best-selling artists of the 21st century.

His childhood was accompanied by abuse, allegations, and poverty.

How Long Were Eminem and Kimberly Anne Scott Married?

Eminem and Kimberly Anne Scott were childhood sweethearts. They actually met at a young age during a house party; Eminem was 15 whilst Kimberly Anne was 13 years old.

In 1989, the two got into a relationship but things were not that smooth for them. The relationship became very toxic.

On December 25, 1995, the two gave birth to their daughter, Hailie Jade. Eminem vowed to treat his daughter well so that she doesn’t grow up the way he did.

Kimberly Anne Scott and Eminem got married on 14th June 1999. The marriage did not last and they got divorced in 2001. In one comment made by Eminem during an interview, he said that he will not marry again but he will rather have a baby through his penis if he should get married.

However, going contrary to the statement he made, Eminem got married to Kimberly Anne Scott again in January 2006 but once again, he filed for a divorce by April 2006.

Is Kimberly Anne Scott Dead or Alive?

Kimberly Anne Scott is still alive but however, she had had suicide attempts before. In one of Eminem’s rap song, he sang how he wanted to murder her. He made other songs like ‘Up in Smoke Tour’ which enraged Kimberly. Kimberly, out of rage attempted suicide by slashing her wrist. She was rushed to the emergency unit of the hospital where she survived.

In another incident, Kimberly crashed her vehicle into a pole claiming she had wanted to commit suicide. But she came out alive of the crash and she confessed that she took pills and alcohol.

The outcome of the suicide attempts made Eminem divorce Kimberly Anne Scott. But in retrospect, Kimberly sued Eminem for public defamation as a result of the controversial song, ‘Kim’.

Currently, Kimberly Anne Scott is still alive despite all the suicide attempts. But her twin sister is no more alive after high dosage of drugs was found in her blood.

Where is Kimberly Anne Scott Now?

Things have changed for the best of Kimberly Anne Scott. She has improved her lifestyle and she has no issues with Eminem as both of them are taking custody of their child.

Currently, Kimberly has written several children’s book and she is an American illustrator and an Author making a good living of her life.

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