Gashumba: “Museveni is very humble but Bobi Wine…only thinks about partying”

Gashumba: “Museveni Is Very Humble But Bobi Wine…Only Thinks About Partying”

Gashumba: “Museveni is very humble but Bobi Wine…only thinks about partying”

Self-styled political and social analyst, Frank Gashumba, has said President Museveni is the “humblest” person he has ever met in his entire life.

“I have never met a humble person like President Museveni in my life. There was a time I visited him and talked for two hours non-stop until he asked me for a chance to talk. I was addressing challenges faced by Ugandans,” said Gashumba while appearing on a local television on Monday Morning.

Gashumba explained that when his dad was sick, NRM members helped him so there is no way he can reject any invitation from them to attend any of their functions.

“We need to stop this cheap politics of saying that I cannot associate with people in other political parties,” Gashumba said.

Gashumba urged the leader of the National Unity Platform(NUP) Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine to stop tainting Uganda’s image yet is a beneficiary g and leave the struggle to other people who care about the suffering of Ugandans.

Gashumba claimed that Kyagulanyi has been doing contrary to what he has been preaching, pretending that he cares about the people of Uganda.

“He also has to stop the saying that ‘Uganda is bleeding.’ We cannot have people partying, doing business and more in a country that is bleeding. All I want is for Bobi Wine to put a stop on his people abusing people on social media,” said Gashumba.

Gashumba has been the talk of social media following his attacks on NUP and Bobi Wine. Many people have questioned his motives, calling him a propagandist.

Gashumba, however, noted that Ugandans should learn to accept the truth.

“I cannot attack these NUP supporters attacking everyone on social media. I direct my missiles straight to Magere [Bobi Wine] because that is where the person who commands them is,” said Gashumba




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