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Get More Likes, Views And Followers in TikTok With This Easy Methods In Nigeria

Get More Likes, Views And Followers In Tiktok With This Easy Methods In Nigeria

Get More Likes, Views And Followers In Tiktok With This Easy Methods In Nigeria

How To Get More Likes, Views And Followers in TikTok With This Easy Methods in Nigeria

The methods of getting more likes and fans on the TikTok App are many, but finding the organic ways of gaining them is the right of way of doing it.

Peak Hours Than Peak Days:

Everyone prefers to do TikTok videos on Saturdays and Sundays, but the reality is that you have to upload on peak hours of every day. For example, if you are performing a video on Monday, the time you to make it live is between 5 pm to 7 pm.

The time in which everyone leaves school, office, and other works to pick up their phone for relaxation.

TikTok has become popular through other Social Media:

If you see TikTok’s growth, the app is not branded/marketed like other applications. The growth of TikTok was developed by its users by sharing their videos on other social media. This is called Zero Investment Marketing. You can grow your TikTok profile like how they themselves branded their app.

Don’t neglect to Share your videos on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.Most importantly, use popular hashtags while sharing on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where Hashtags plays a major role in popularity.

Be Creative and Concentrate on Current Trends:

In every TikTok video, you perform, be creative with the current trends. Use social media to know what is trending right now and do a video with some creativity to go VIRAL on social media


One of the KILLER STRATEGY to get more followers and likes on TikTok. You can see there are people already famous in TikTok, you can do a collaboration with them to show you are equally good at performing such videos.

Video Effects:

Make your videos as colorful as possible. Take videos on very bright and clear locations. Choose a background that looks equally attractive in your video to make people engage in your video. It will give the audience a clear impact that you are doing quality videos which make them become a fan of you and follow your profile.

TikTok Challenges:

Another smart way to get followers on TikTok. Keep performing challenge videos that are in trend right now. Most importantly be unique while doing such challenges.

Constantly Appreciate Other TikTok Users:

There is no wrong in appreciating someone else video. While doing be constant and genuine in your feedback. Keep supporting in all their videos. Do collabs with them and show your support to your fellow TikTok users and followers.

Check Other TikTok Profiles:

It is no wrong in following other TikTok users who have been good in doing all the videos and getting more TikTok followers every day. If you found one of his/her TikTok strategies is good, you can follow them with your unique ideas added to your daily videos.


  1. Every video you post must have good quality, which gives a sudden positive impact on everyone.
  2. Do video in the same place and make it as your identity. It is one of the unique strategies in getting followers/fans in TikTok. Followers will recognize you with your background. Even with the same background, you should not compromise on the quality of the video.
  3. When you keep on doing the videos on the same place with the same background, a sudden shift to a new background will look unique from your other videos.
  4. And again, quality also depends on your performance as well. Keep performing and improve your skills every day. May good things happen to you.


    MOST IMPORTANTLY, be a good performer in TikTok. Improve your skills day by day to be the best in what you’re doing. If you can do the best, you can become one of the best in your unique way.
    Finally, it is all about not doing regular videos, but also keeping strategies and being in your own unique way of performing each and every TikTok video.


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