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Ghanaian Teacher Mistakenly Upload Her N**ked Video In The School Whatsapp Group

Ghanaian Private School Teacher Mistakenly Drops Her Private Video In A Class WhatsApp Group

A viral video that has just surfaced online on social media reveals that a Ghanaian private school teacher known as Teacher Adwoa has stained her class WhatsApp group with her video.

According to the details gathered online, the young lady, Teacher Adwoa shared her private video which was meant for her boyfriend. It was mistakenly shared with her class WhatsApp group.

Although she was fast in deleting the video, a couple of students saved it.

The viral video later surfaced online on social media after a unidentified student shared it.

Parents of the wards in the school have taken to the school premises demanding for the resignation of Teacher Adwoa.

According to more details available , Teacher Adwoa has left town in the wake of the video going viral on social media.

Based on the policy privacy by advertisers, the video can’t be uploaded here. CLICK HERE to follow our TWITTER page and watch the full video.

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