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“God please I want to be a Python”, Lady cries tearfully while begging god to turn her into a snake

We are still in the era of coronavirus therefore we must take responsibility in order to keep safe. Wear your face mask whenever you are out on the street and don’t forget to maintain at least a meter distance. Also apply hand sanitizer often to kill all the germs in your hand.

It be said to be evident that there is hardship around the world especially in Africa which seems to have redoubled since the pandemic started early last year but that does not mean that we shouldn’t find legit means to survive at least for the moment instead of making some unnecessary and impossible wishes.

However, I would like to use this medium to advice everyone including citizens here in South Africa never to allow emotion to rule over us. When you are facing any difficulties or complications about life, try and visit an expert who would help on your healing.

This came in reflection to a trending video where a beautiful young lady was seen with a big book begging god in what seem to be a prayer to miraculously turn her into a Python.

According to the clip, the woman was heard on the background sound saying “Oh Lord my father please turn me to a big snake because I’m tired of being a human being and also a I want swallow money” she concluded.

What’s your take on this?

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