Gov Otetola’s Security Were Right In Protecting Their Boss, See What Were Seen On His Jeep

Yesterday, it was flying in the news that the Governor of Osun State, Governor Otetola went to the protest ground where people were protesting, and while he was going back, a security man from his convoy shot two people dead with stray bullets.

When this was made public, a lot of people reacted to it saying that the governor must present the policeman who shot the protesters dead to them.

However, before we criticise the governor’s convoy for taking the lives of the two protesters, let us take a look at what was found on the governor’s official car, when they got back to the government house.

In the pictures that were shared online, one could see that some set of people tried to forcefully open the governor’s door and due to that, they spoilt the handle.

Another thing found on the car was that, an axe which was used to attack the governor was stuck on the car.

Another trace was that, one could see that the governor was attacked with stones and other dangerous object, that could have made one of his security aide shot at the crowd.

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  1. Why was the Governor scared of his own people in the first place?
    Cus they scums criminals political thugs who hired thugs as security and portrait fake tales through media’s to potrate evidence for their unlawfully actions bullshit!

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