Graphics: Hungry mother cook her 6 month old baby for breakfast

The populations of the village BADJENGO in the district of PITOA in the department of BENOUE in the North region woke up suddenly this morning.

Rude awakening due to a rather surreal fact. A woman in her 30s cut up her six month old child and put the body parts into the pot and was about to cook her offspring.

Frightened by the scandalous scene, the second 2-year-old fled before alerting the neighbors. The security forces, in particular the elements of the PITOA gendarmerie brigade, are there.

The woman was apprehended. The open investigation should make it possible to find out what the state of mind of the third party is and what are the motives for the unexpected act.

A witness said the woman was constantly asking for food from her neighbors and she could have done so because of hunger and may have a mental problem.

below are some photos of the incident:

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