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“He Can Raise The Dead” Kenyan Woman Who Works For Zambian Pastor Claims His Powers Are Real!

You may not have heard of Malaika Kimani, but she knows one particular man that has recently caused a lot of skeptics to fuss and rant on social media.

That man is none other than Pastor Alp Lukau, who is on the spot for staging a fake ressurection on live tv!

For Kimani, a staunch follower of the South African pastor (who mind you lives a very lavish lifestyle), Kimani went onto her Facebook page to defend the pastor.

In fact, she has even claimed that she was there, and she was the one holding the microphone when the ‘fabulous miracle’ took place. Here’s what the lady had to say:

A quick detour on her Facebook page shows her strong belief in the pastor’s appointment as a Man of God.

Nevertheless, the scandalous resurrections that sparked a massive online debate has proven to be fake after the Kings and Queens Funeral Services whose vehicle was used in ferrying the body denied having preserved the body.

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