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Ginger or Bloated Belly

Ginger drink can be sour to the taste. In truth, it has a biting taste and offensive odour especially when chewed or swallowed after slizing.

But have you tried blending Ginger and garlic together?.

Yes,blending both Ginger and Garlic is less stressful and is attractive to the eye. There are many advantages to taking this health drink which are peculiar to men and women.

Advantages to men;

It reduces belly fat, especially to men who take in alcohol often.
Boost the male libido and makes them active in bed.
Reduces excess fat in the body.
Refreshes the immune system from within.
Finally, it clears the digestive system of the body.

Paralyzed patient uses brain robotic system to walk again.

For the women, it does quite a lot and even more, of which are;

Totally reduces and kills menstrual cramps.
Eradicates consistent stomach ache.
Clears the vocal chord ( for singers).
Reduces belly and body fat drastically.
Flushes out unwanted calories in the body.
Comfortable excreta.
For Ulcer patients, it cools the burning sensation and releases tight tension in the body.

Ginger and Garlic drink can be likened to the local drink called ” Agbo” but much more because of its naturally rooted contents.

You don’t have to be scared that you will reek of ginger or your breathe will ooze the offensive odour because, the smell doesn’t last five minutes after swallowing. Your breathe is as normal as it ever is.

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