Soak Okra In Cold Water For 2 Days, Drink Every Morning To Get These These Health Benefits

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Drinking okra water has a lot of health benefits we never knew about, some of us might even be hearing this for the first time .

Okra is rich with vitamins B and vitamin C, and folic acid . Drinking okra water helps alot in supporting of lowering of blood sugar level,

Soaking okra in cold water gives you “okra water” which boosts ovulation. In the course of this article I’ll outline the simple way to prepare it.

Okra water is best used after you have seen your period and it boosts your ovulation and makes you to conceive.


Get 5-6 pods of okra,wash it you can either cut it or leave it as a whole, but if you slice it, it will have better taste and will be very effective.

Put the okra in a clean container or jar

Put 70z of water into the jar

Stir and leave it to soak overnight

After the overnight soaking, separate the okro from the water using a filter in the morning and drink it once on an empty stomach for 2-3 days.

Okra can also be used to make okra soup or can be added to your draw soup to provide the benefits listed below:

Below are the health benefits of drinking okra water:

It protects from stomach ulcer

It helps reduce fatigue

It is an excellent source of vitamin c

It reduces cholesterol level

It helps in liver health

Prevents anemia

It is rich in vitamin b

Helps to Curb your appetite

It cures diabetes

It is low in calories

It reduces stress

It Very effective in the regulation of blood sugar level

It helps in improving the heart health

Okra water also helps in reduction of weight

It enhances healthy pregnancy

It assists respiratory problems

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