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How I Got Pregnant For A Ghost In NYSC Camp – Lady Narrates

I decided to share this story because i believe someone out there may have similar experience, and will be willing to advice me on the right step to take, please i seriously needs an advice now i don’t know what to do.

It all started in NYSC orientation camp Sagamu. I met with a guy called Kunle (Pseudonym) on my way to amend the khaki issued to me. He was also there to amend his cloth which was a norm in the camp because not everyone gets the size they requests for.

After amending my cloth, i was about to pay when he stretched forth his hand and paid for me, I wasn’t expecting it, but i thanked him anyway. I was about going when he requested for my number. I thought it was harmless so i gave it to him without hesitation moreover he paid for me without my knowing me.

After that day, he didn’t call, until two days time when i thought he has forgotten me, i saw his call. He requested to know me better so we had a date the next day which was SAED class. we decided to meet at the stadium, there we have a long discussion and get to know our self better.

He summoned the courage to ask me out, i was actually waiting for him to say such during our conversion finally he did. I didn’t give him straight answer i just smiled which means yes.

He took me out for Dinner. Who am i to say no, eating in Miami was a privilege, not everyne could afford the bills, we mostly rely on free food provided in the camp. We had a good time that night but the fun was cut off by a soldier man who blow the beagle which signal us to return to our various lodges.

After some days, He invited me once again for diner. After eating, he caught me unaware and kissed me, I felt shy and embraced because people were watching. We started dating from that moment. We discussed lots of topics including those for matured mind and since i entered the camp i haven’t done any rated things and i could not wait to have him in track…. Continue reading story in the images below:


  1. When we niggas dance to the tune of instant lust we fall to bodily pleasure but God only view it from the perspective of__ these niggas are jumping up ND down begging I give them kids…her prayer was answered..

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