1. Who is a social media influencer?
Before you find out how to be a social media influencer , let’s answer a simple question: what is a social influencer? Social media influencers are usually ordinary people who gained a large following online thanks to their lifestyle or being an expert in a particular field.

Social media influencers can reach out to a huge audience simply because their followers listen to every word they say. Most influencers eventually enter partnerships with various brands and get paid to subtly promote their products or services.

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2. Benefits of being a social media influencer
Becoming an Instagram influencer and maintaining your image online is usually a lot of work. So why do people still want to do it? There are at least three valuable benefits to being an online influencer:
You get to connect with your audience, help people achieve their goals or solve problems, and receive positive feedback for your work.

Being paid to promote things on social media is surely a nice bonus to your popularity, especially if they are the goods and services you actually like.

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The job of a social media influencer is rather flexible: you can simply schedule posts for the next few days or even weeks and go on a vacation or even take a break from social media.

3. How to become a social media influencer
Here are 5 steps that will teach you how to become an Instagram influencer even with little to no experience with social media.

1. Find your niche – a field that you’re good at. Whether it’s travelling, beauty, parenthood, cooking, or crafts, your blog needs to have a clear direction. Make sure you choose a niche where you are an expert – only then your blog will have value.

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2. Create a content strategy for your profile. What exactly do people want to see in your blog? How often will you post? Who are the readers of your posts? Answering these questions will allow you to create a content strategy for up to 3 months.

3. Remember to post regularly. If you make people wait for days between your posts, soon your followers will turn their attention to bloggers who regularly deliver new content. Even if you can’t be online 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, you can always schedule your posts.

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4. Engage with your audience. People love Instagram bloggers who are easy to reach. Of course, when you have hundreds of thousands of followers, answering every comment and direct message is hardly possible. But when you’re only getting there, it’s best to be open to your audience.

5. Promote your blog. You will not get any lucrative deals with brands and other bloggers if no one knows who you are. In addition to working on growing your audience, you also need to get your blog out there for brands and other influencers to see you. Participate in forums, group events, themed internet communities, and comment other people’s posts to get yourself noticed.

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