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How to get rid of cracked heels

Harmattan may just be the best season of the year, depending on how you choose to look at it. Worried about your feet this harmattan season seems to be back.

Some of us love it, others are not so happy about it because that means white face, cracked lips, dry and cracked heels. Our major focus is the feet since it does a lot of dust collection from walking around.

Just because the harmattan season is that time when you have to put on shoes or put on socks all day, you don’t have to forget the importance of self-care. This post is going to show you how to ensure your feet look smooth, soft and healthy this season;


Soaking your feet on a weekend is one of the best ways to relax them. Not only will you be softening your dead skin cells to aid exfoliation, but you will also feel relieved of whatever tension exists on your ankles and joints. A relaxing and moisturizing foot soak on a cold harmattan morning is a good treatment.


Washing your feet regularly is helpful. Normally, my feet don’t get dried up but I realized that during harmattan periods, my feet get dry and after some hours, they become white. I decided to start washing my feet regularly during the day. I wash with soap and a hand sponge. Now during this season, I don’t use the usual feet cream as they are not as effective. I use Shea Butter or Coconut Oil to moisturize. Ensure that you apply it one each toe and in between the toes too.


However, getting a good pedicurist is the best way to maintain a good foot care routine, especially if you hardly have the time to do your feet yourself. A good pedicurist will help you identify whatever problems your feet have during the harmattan season, and prescribe the best treatment for them. Caring for your feet by yourself regularly will help reduce the number of pedicure.


One of the best ways to keep your feet looking good during the harmattan season is by getting yourself a good jar of foot scrub. Scrub your feet once a week, it will help stimulates circulation and it also makes the feet look soft and smooth. Using the foot scrub also removes stubborn dirt that would be difficult for a hand sponge to wash off. Foot scrubs are a less brutal method of exfoliation, foot scrubs can also be very relaxing, especially when you have someone use them on your feet.


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