Traditional African cuisine features a lot of delicious dishes, and Nigerian yam recipes prove it well. When it comes to cooking yam, there are a couple dozens options to choose from – fried, stuffed, grilled, baked, even salad! But let’s find out how to make Nigerian yam porridge first.

How to prepare yam porridge
Yam porridge with vegetable is among top popular recipes and favorite dishes. Despite a short list of ingredients and easy cooking, you end up with a very tasty meal the entire family will like.

1 kg of white yam
red palm oil
1 smoked fish
1 tbsp of ground crayfish
1 onion of medium size
fresh vegetables
2 stock cubes
habanero pepper
salt to taste

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1. Peel the yam. Cut it into pieces of medium size. Wash these cubes. Put in a pot.
2. Wash onions. Cut into small pieces.
3. Grind habanero pepper. You can use chilli pepper instead.
4. Pour the cubes with water. Put on the heat (medium).
5. Wait until yam boils. Then add the rest of ingredients – everything besides salt and veggies.
6. Cover and keep cooking until yam is ready.
7. Add some salt to taste, then add veggies. Stir everything well.
8. Cover and set aside for five minutes, then serve.

How to make porridge beans

When looking for how to make yam porridge, you will certainly stumble upon some recipes that feature special extra ingredients. Beans are probably the most popular. It will take a bit more time to prepare this one, but it is not complicated and certainly worth trying.

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750 g of beans, brown or black-eyed
500 g of yam
red palm oil
1 onion of medium size
1 stock cube
salt and pepper to taste
crayfish (optional)

1. Soak the beans in cold water for five hours. Then boil for five minutes, wash with cold water and set aside. You can do this beforehand and keep the beans in a fridge.
2. Chop an onion.
3. Grind the crayfish.
4. Peel yam. Cut into 2-cm cubes.
5. Take a pot and put beans in. Cook until tender.
6. After beans soften, put onions, pepper, stock cube, and crayfish in the pot.
7. Add oil and salt. Continue cooking during five more minutes.
8. Set aside for several minutes.

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Yam cream soup

And here’s a bonus to yam porridge recipes – a delicious cream soup recipe. It has a pungent flavor and is also easy to cook. The list of ingredients isn’t long or special, just yam and some spices. Here’s what you have to get and do.

3 mid-sized yams
3 cloves of garlic
1 big carrot
3 cm of ginger root
2 stems of leek
30 ml of olive oil
3 tsp of dried flax seeds
7 drops of extra virgin flax oil

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1. Wash and cut leek stems.
2. Peel carrots and yam. Cut into 2-cm cubes.
3. Heat the frying pan and pour in some olive oil. Cook onion during two minutes.
4. Add carrots, yam, and fry for several minutes more.
5. Pour some hot water in the frying pot. Stew 15 minutes until becomes soft.
6. Peel and grind ginger. Add it to the vegetable mix in a frying pan, stew for a minute. Turn off and cool.
7. Peel and grind the garlic.
8. Put vegetable mass and flax oil into a blender. Mix everything well.
9. Garnish with seeds before serving.

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Baked yam with apples

750 g of yam
2 apples
2 tbsp of sugar
½ tsp of cinnamon
20 g of butter
5 tbsp of orange juice

1. Wash, peel, and cut yam into 1.5-cm cubes.
2. Wash the apples. Cut into four parts. Peel and cut into thin pieces.
3. Arrange into layers in a backing form.
4. Mix sugar with cinnamon. Sprinkle yam and apples.
5. Cut butter. Put pieces on top.
6. Sprinkle orange juice.
7. Bake until ready.