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“I Am Doomed, He Cursed Me Because I Did This To Him” since then nobody want to marry me

She said;

I once had a friend, a best friend who was male however things did not seem to go well with us when i did something that seemed to not sit well with him.

Life was never easy for me after i did that, because i was cursed. Literally and this did not happen because of his doings but because of my own doings.

When we were having fun at a night club, i was dancing and he had been standing with this girl that i did not really know very well.

But because it seemed as if he knew her, i didnt think there would be a problem.

When i started to realise that they were getting cosy and he did not have the time for me, i became very jealous to a point where i pushed away the girl and danced with him.

Unknowingly and not realising that this girl was the mother of his children, i ruined things for him.

On the very same night he told me that it will never be well with me again as he was cursing me for what i had done.

Now i regret it everyday, because honestly i am doomed and i dont think my life will ever be normal again.

I dont know what to do.

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