I Beat Up A Lady I Met In My Fiance’s House, Only To Find Out That She Was His Kid Sister

I Beat Up A Lady I Met In My Fiance'S House, Only To Find Out That She Was His Kid Sister

How true is the saying that “There are two kinds of people who get into trouble in this world: those who listen to everybody and those who don’t listen to any body.” In my own case, I listen to everybody and when I get angry, I listen to nobody.

I was 7 years old when I started exhibiting extreme anger towards anyone that crosses path with me. My parents tried their best to curb this weakness of mine but it ate so deep inside me. I never knew that I was doing myself more harm than good until I got into serious trouble when I was 29 and spent three days in the police detention.

My problem was that I listen too much to what people say around me and without much thought, I act on them. I don’t usually assess situations properly before acting on impulse. Most times, it’s after the damage has been done that I realize how mistaken I was.

Years after I graduated from the university, I met Solomon. He was our IT consultant at the organization where I was employed.

We got acquainted one of the days he came to fix something for us and we exchanged numbers. Few weeks later, we went on a date and started a relationship.

Few months into our relationship, he proposed marriage to me. We met with his parents. According to him, he had one kid sister who was away for study. I also took him to see my widow mom and siblings.

Solomon was very outspoken, intelligent and handsome. He was also a smart dresser and most times, my boss and colleagues admire him and spoke highly of him. He talks freely with everyone that he comes in contact with. That’s why everyone in my organization was so close to him and that made me seriously jealous and secretly angry with them all.

Few months later, we began making plans for our wedding. I was so in love with Solomon. However, I felt very uncomfortable whenever I see other ladies talking freely with him. I have on several occasions without proof accused him of cheating on me. He sworn to me that he wasn’t and that he was just friends with them but I wasn’t convinced.

I had some close friends who I usually confide in and whatever they uniformly tell me is what I act on. One of them stays a street away from Solomon’s compound and I told her to keep an eye on him because I don’t want any lady snatching my man from me.

I thought I was protecting my man. Little did I know that I was making a grave mistake and creating problems for myself.

My friend kept on giving me feedback on my fiance’s movement, who he met with or talked to. I was informed that there was a lady who comes from time to time to see him.

I was boiling with anger at the information. I wanted to confront Solomon about it but my friends advised me against it. They told me to catch him in the act and then deal with the lady mercilessly. I took their advice and waited patiently for the next time the lady will visit my fiance.

One fateful Thursday afternoon, I was at work when my phone rang. I looked at it and saw that the caller was my friend, Sharon. I picked up the phone, answered the call and what I heard changed my mood.

I was informed by Sharon that she saw my fiance with the same girl, buying groceries at the supermarket opposite her house and afterwards driving away with her in his car.

I was so infuriated. My brain immediately shutdown. Solomon has been deceiving me all this while, I thought to myself. Out of anger and revenge, I took a lunch break and headed for Solomon’s apartment, which was about an hour away from my office.

I got outside the house, looked around the compound and picked up an empty wine bottle from the dustbin. I was prepared to deal with who ever the lady was if she was still around.

How I wish I had paused for a minute to let the anger wears down. How I wish I had listened to the voice of reasoning. How I wish I hadn’t listened to my friend’s advice. It was too late now.

I tiptoed closer to the entrance and peeped through an open window. Lo and behold, the lady was resting carelessly on the 3 sitter chair watching TV with bump short on.

I rushed into the apartment and jumped at the lady before she could get up to ask who I was. I gave her several punches, took the bottle from my bag and broke it on her head.

The lady screamed in pain and slumped to the floor.

My victory was shortlived. Solomon ran out of the bedroom when he heard the scream and saw me panting with broken bottle in my hand.

He looked down at the lady and cried out “What have you done to my kid sister, Liz?”

I dashed out of the apartment in fear, thinking the lady was dead.

Few hours later, I was apprehended by some policemen and charged for assault and attempted murder.

The adverse effect of what I did dawned on me. I found out later that the young girl I assaulted was my fiance’s lookalike kid sister he has been telling me about.

I had let my anger blinded me to the point that I didn’t see a resemblance in the lady and my fiance.

How I wish I didn’t listen to my friends who led me to this point.

I tried pleading with Solomon but he told me that our engagement was off. He said he can’t spend his life with an hot temper and reckless lady who almost killed his little sister.

I cried and cried but he hung up on me and warned me to stay clear from him.

I love Solomon so much and can’t live without him.

What can I do to have my man back?

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