I Can’t Marry A Man Who Cannot Pay My Bills Except He Is Sick Or He Lost His Job – Blessing CEO

There are certain situations whereby women make a lot of money but they still depend on men to take care of them and pay all their bills. This can sometimes prove to be too much of a task for men.

Relationship therapist, Blessing CEO has not made it any easier for men as she stated that she can’t marry a man who cannot pay her bills except he is sick, handicapped, or has lost his job.

Blessing CEO also stated that a man must take up these responsibilities no matter how much money she makes. She also stated that she won’t accept that she shares the payment of the bills equally with her man. According to her, she wouldn’t want to be stressed by men who offer empty love.

Many would argue that the statement that Blessing CEO made shows that some men only want to use women and do not truly them. The best way a man can prove his love is through giving.

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