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I divorced my husband because he always got drunk and beat me, I need another husband who don’t drink or smoke

My name is Maggret, from South Africa but living in United State. I married my husband 6 years ago but the problem living with him is very hard.

I managed to cope with him for 2 years because I love him and I don’t want to loose him, but when the beating is too much for me I file a divorce and we both agreed.

After 4 I decided to re-marry but I’m afraid I can get another man even worse than my ex husband. Please I need to re-marry I have only a daughter with my ex husband which she’s 5 years old.

I need a man who don’t drink or smoke, like my ex husband, I’m a business woman and I love when a man love me for me.

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  1. Am so interest with you but am so afraid that maybe your can still came back after I give you all my heart too you….. And what do you think it can happened if so this my mobile number okay 0817783408 or 09153400404

  2. I’m interested in you but the problem there is that you are living in United States and again I’m living in Nigeria a situation now is going to sound somewhat difficult for me to understand how would you feel about one another but if it is trust relationship or believe it was some things at least they can be able to understand one another but if you can give me the chance to prove it and to cooperate with me and make things possible to me at least I know you that we can I know so we can have bigger future

  3. Well,this is pitiable situation you find yourself.i hope you would be able to love another man cuz of where you’re coming from.looking at your situation,one on genuine ground can decide for a commitment.what happens if your husband turn a new live and wants you back knowing that you’ve a daughter for him and ve loved him? moreover,distance could also Bea barrier cuz I’m a Nigerian

  4. My name is Yusuf from Nigeria I’m an architect. I don’t smoke and I don’t drink alcohol I’m very generous man . I’m single no kids . I would like to be ur husband this is my phone number +2348164672539 or email me [email protected]

  5. I am a Southern Cameroonian and I am interested but scared to leave with you in the US as your husband already have an issue with you. Secondly you claimed you love him too but he beats you unmercifully. My fears are that since you love him, is possible you can still fall for him as your daughter is the string attached for both of you to see each another and ignites temptation. I will love that you move a distant from him to avoid both of you seeing each other coincidentally for us engaged in building a new family. If interested my No is 237650495050

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